Conference Workshops

The CRS workshops provide scholars and practitioners with the space to learn, exchange ideas, and form collaborations. The focus of the CRS workshops can vary from substantive topics through methodological issues to teaching and professional development.

We welcome, in particular, workshops that feature graduate students, early career scholars, and practitioners. The workshops should ideally bring together scholars and practitioners, inspire collaborations between different sub-disciplines as well as junior and senior researchers, and/or facilitate the start or on-going process of a book project.

To apply for a workshop, you need to provide a workshop abstract (200 words), a short overview of the objective(s) of the proposed workshop (200 words) and an indicative list of participants. Successful workshop proposals should have clearly defined objectives and participants. We would like to know who is anticipated to attend the proposed workshop and what is the desired outcome.

In the past, the CRS provided medium sized seminar rooms that applicants could use for either a half or a full day workshop.  Workshops are not intended to be mini-conferences. 

For more details, please contact the conference organisers, Finn Klebe and Isadora Gotts (