CRS Medal for Outstanding Contribution

This award seeks to honour the very special people that have offered important, longstanding, and significant leadership within the CRS, embodying the values and DNA of the society, and helping to build a stronger and more supportive community.

The recipient of the CRS medal is nominated by the Chair and President, and confirmed by the Council.  The recipient is presented with the award at the CRS annual conference.


2023 Gordon Burt

The Council agreed that Gordon's contribution to the CRS has been unparalleled. His service and commitment to the society will probably never be bettered. He almost single-handedly ran all aspects of the society for several years. His vision and ambitious agenda with regards to building the team and the conference set out the path to a stronger more vibrant society that the CRS community have enjoyed in recent times. Several council members speak of the pivotal role that Gordon personally played in bringing them into the CRS.

2022 Oliver Ramsbotham

Oliver was selected as the inaugural winner of this award for his long-lasting commitment, tireless enthusiasm, intellectual leadership, and quite exemplary contribution that he has given to the CRS over many many years.