CRS | Practice


Practitioners and policymakers involved with national and international conflict management often require specialist knowledge. This knowledge enhances their understanding of specific, contextual dynamics, and complex conflict processes.

To effectively manage and resolve violent incompatibilities, practitioners require knowledge on a range of topics. Such topics include politics, psychology, law, history, sociology, religious studies, anthropology and particular cases.

Connecting policymakers and practitioners with relevant academics has always proved a challenge in this field, largely due to a lack of communication between the two communities. The result is damaging for both groups, since they are both deprived of the opportunity to learn from each other, and to expand the field together.


The Conflict Research Society aims to:

  • Promote links between peace and conflict academics and practitioners in the field
  • Expand its role as an international body, to nurture synergies between researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and non-governmental organisations.

If you are a conflict management practitioner who would like to be involved, to create stronger links with academic and practitioners working with CRS, to expand and bolster your practice, please contact us.