Oxpeace conference, studying peace and studying conflict: complementary or competing paradigms?

Professor Hugh Miall (Chair of the CRS) attended the eighth conference of OxPeace, the Oxford Network of Peace Studies, in St John’s College, Oxford on Saturday 14 May. Kristin Bakke, CRS Council member, was among the presenters. The conference highlighted the work on peacebuilding of the strong group of conflict researchers now at Oxford, including Richard Caplan, Keith Krause, John Gledhill, and Annette Idler, winner of last year’s CRS Cedric Smith Prize. Speakers included Peter Wallensteen (Uppsala), Roger Mac Ginty (Manchester), David Keen (LSE), Denisa Kostovicova (LSE), and others. The chair was Liz Carmichael (Oxford) of OxPeace.

Podcasts of the presentations will be made available at the Oxpeace site, where podcasts of previous conferences can also be found: https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/building-peace. For the programme of this year’s conference, see here.

OxPeace is seeking £4m to endow a Chair in Peace Studies, with the University’s blessing . Patrons of the appeal include President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Justin Welby and Chancellor of Oxford Chris Patten. Any billionaires reading this please contact Liz Carmichael. You can read the Oxpeace proposal here.

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