Northern Ireland, Good Relations Symphosium

On Saturday 24th May The Conflict Research Society, along with the Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool organised and hosted a symposium Good Relations in Northern Ireland. The symposium was opened by Professor Marianne Elliott (Blair Chair and Director of the Institute of Irish Studies, Liverpool) and included talks from:

  • Jo Broadwood (Talk for a Change)
  • Lizanne Dowds (ARK)
  • Paul Hadaway (Arts and Development Consultant)
  • Frances Jones (De Montfort University)
  • Duncan Morrow (University of Ulster)
  • Barry Navarro (International Alert)
  • Andrew P Owsiak (Georgia University)
  • Steve Potter (NHS Psychotherapist)
  • Gillian Robinson (University of Ulster)
  • Nicola Sugden (Talk for a Change)
  • Timothy J White (Xavier University)
  • Hen Wilkinson (University of Bristol)

All the presentations had something important to add to the topic and the audience enthusiastically engaged with all the ideas which were being put forward. It is the first of a number of specialist events that we will be running throughout the year.

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