CRS | CRS Member K.S. Gleditsch Among "Most Influential Scientific Minds"

CRS Member K.S. Gleditsch Among “Most Influential Scientific Minds”

Congratulations to Conflict Research Society member Professor Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, who is included on the list of “Most Influential Scientific Minds” for 2014. He is the only UK-based political scientist to be listed by this prestigious report compiled by Thomas Reuters. Kristian who is an expert is peace and conflict research is one of the most cited academics in the world, with total of 2,049 citations recorded as of 12 July 2014, and 6 articles have each been cited more than 100 times.

He is one of only 3,200 academics recognised as “influencing the future direction of their fields, and of the world….they are people who are on the cutting edge of their fields. They are performing and publishing work that their peers recognise as vital to the advancement of their science”.

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