Conflict Mediation in the Arab World

Fraihat and Svensson present the first comprehensive approach to mediation in the Arab world, taking on cases from Yemen to Sudan, from Qatar to Palestine, Syria, and beyond.

Conflict Mediation in the Arab World focuses on mediation at three different levels of analysis: between countries, between governments and armed actors inside single countries, and between different communities. In applying this holistic method, the editors identify similarities and differences in the conditions for conflict resolution and management.

Drawing upon the work of experts in the field with a deep understanding of the increasing complexities and changing dynamics of the region, this volume offers a valuable resource for academics, policy makers, and practitioners interested in conflict resolution and management in the Middle East and North Africa.

Ibrahim Fraihat is associate professor in international conflict resolution at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. He previously served as Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at the Brookings Institution and has taught international conflict resolution at Georgetown University and George Washington University. He is the author of Iran and Saudi Arabia: Taming a Chaotic Conflict.

Isak Svensson is professor at the department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden. Svensson is the author of numerous books, including International Mediation Bias and Peacemaking: Taking Sides in Civil Wars.

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