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Conflict Analysis Research Centre

The Conflict Analysis Research Centre (CARC) at the University of Kent is based in the School of Politics and International Relations with staff in both our Canterbury and Brussels campuses. CARC’s intellectual remit is intentionally multi-disciplinary and while rooted primarily within politics and international relations, its theoretical and empirical interests extend beyond these formal boundaries.

The interests of CARC staff encompass peace and conflict resolution, critical terrorism studies and human rights research. This includes clusters of work on constitutional design in divided societies; the role of migration, displacement and diasporas in violence and peace-building; the nature and evolution of mediation; critical approaches to the study of terrorism and political violence; US Foreign Policy, state terrorism and torture, trends in UN peace-keeping operations; and work on gender and human rights.

The Conflict Analysis Research Centre has a long history of association with the CRS and was preceded by the Centre for Conflict and Peace and its forerunner the Centre for the Analysis of Conflict, under the guidance of pioneering academics such as John Burton, John Groom, Chris Mitchell, Andy Williams, and Hugh Miall.

CARC currently provides administrative support to the CRS and functions as its institutional home. This is managed through a small team and includes two CRS-CARC Interns, who provide day to day administrative support, in addition to being full time PhD students within CARC. This is provided through the generous financial support of the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation.

Further information on the work of The Conflict Analysis Research Centre can be found here.