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The Conflict Research Society Book Of The Year

The Conflict Research Society (CRS) Book of the Year Prize is awarded at the CRS’s annual conference. The prize honours research on conflict and peace that is contemporary, exceptional, and world leading, and which provides an invaluable contribution to the literature on conflict and peace.

Prize winners are invited to the CRS annual conference to receive their prize and to provide a short presentation on their work. We are delighted to award the 2015 CRS book prize to Dr. Kathleen Cunningham for her new book:

Kathleen G. Cunningham (2014). Inside the Politics of Self-Determination. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Dr. Cunningham will collect her prize at this year’s CRS Annual Conference at the University of Kent. The judges on the CRS book prize panel praised Dr. Cunningham’s book for “tackling a very important topic, making a clear contribution to the literature on self-determination whilst offering significant short-term and long-term policy implications.” They also noted the significance of “developing a new database of self-determination groups” as well as the methodological rigour applied in order to “examine how intra-party or factional divisions on the insurgents’ side and on the government side affect the chances of accommodations and civil war.” The judges all agreed that this was a very impressive monograph for a first-time book author consistent with the CRS and Richardson tradition.

Leading scholars nominated over 40 excellent books for this year’s prize. The judges extended their congratulations to three other shortlisted monographs which the judges praised for their originality, methodological rigour, and academic and policy contribution:

Severine Autesserre (2014) “Peaceland: Conflict Resolution and Everyday Politics of International Intervention”

Michael P. Colaresi (2014) “Democracy Declassified: The Secrecy Dilemma in National Security”

Paul Staniland (2014) “Networks of Rebellion: Explaining Insurgent Cohesion and Collapse”

Past Prize Winners


Kevin Avruch (2012) “Context and Pretext in Conflict Resolution: Conflict, Identity, Power and Practice”

Lars-Erik Cederman, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Halvard Buhaug (2013) “Inequality, Grievances, and Civil War”


Steven Pinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature: The Decline of Violence in History and its Causes”

Joshua Goldstein’s “Winning the War on War: The Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide”


John Paul Lederach and Angie Lederach for their book “When Blood and Bones Cry Out: Journeys through the Soundscape of Healing and Reconciliation”


Oliver Ramsbotham, Tom Woodhouse and Hugh Miall for their book “Contemporary Conflict Resolution”


Nigel Young and co-editors for “The Oxford International Encyclopedia for Peace”