The Conflict Research Society’s Sydney Bailey Fund

The Conflict Research Society (CRS) promotes academic and policy-relevant research on conflict processes, and conflict and cooperation. The CRS boasts an international membership supporting leading and world class research on conflict and peace. The society provides a forum of deliberation for our partners including leading global academic institutions and NGOs. In response to the difficult multidimensional challenges of conflict and cooperation, the CRS brings together a wide range of multidisciplinary research to foster key debates on important issues around the world.

As part of this mission, we invite PhD students in the UK to apply for small research grants (for up to £1,000) through the Sydney Bailey Fund. The Sydney Bailey fund was set up in 1995 by Professor Chris Mitchell (then Chair of the CRS), and is funded through donations from CRS members. Through the Sydney Bailey fund the CRS provides financial support to PhD researchers undertaking world class peace and conflict research.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The grant is intended for PhD students (of all nationalities) who are currently enrolled at a UK university.
  • The research grant is intended to support research activities for the PhD student’s dissertation, such as travel for fieldwork or research assistance for data collection. We do not accept funding applications for attending conferences or for the purchase of equipment.

The Awardee will be:

  • Offered the opportunity to present her/his research at the CRS’s annual September conference.
  • Write a short report about the use of funds for the CRS website, and also to record a video interview or a podcast of her/his research for the CRS website.

Application deadline and procedure:

Applications must be submitted by 31 March 2018. Applicants must submit: (a) a curriculum vitae; (b) a 200 word abstract of the PhD project; (c) a 1000 word research proposal; (d) up to 200 words on how the grant will be used to achieve the research objectives; (e) a detailed

The evaluation of the application is based on the merits and feasibility of the proposed research.

Please submit applications in PDF format via email, complete with attachments, to: In the subject line, please write: Sydney Bailey Fund: [YOUR NAME].

All applicants will receive a decision within two months, by 31 May 2018.

Note that the chosen recipient will be asked to provide proof of enrolment from their university’s home department before funds can be distributed.