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The society is keen to encourage membership from all those concerned and interested in peace and conflict. The CRS offers a number of benefits to members, while your membership supports and sustains the CRS and its multidisciplinary approach to understanding and reducing conflicts.

Members receive:

  • invitations to the society’s meetings and workshops
  • free attendance at meetings
  • reduced rates at conferences
  • access to the CRS Newsletters
  • access to the CRS network of information and events
  • free access to the conflict resolution library at Canterbury

Our members include professionals working in universities and research institutes, government and public services, non-government organisations (NGOs), charity organisations, management and trades unions, and in the fields of medicine, education, religion, counselling and mass communications.

Subscriptions fall and are due on 1st May each year.

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*The Conflict Research Society can now claim tax back against your payments providing you are a UK taxpayer For your donations to be eligible for Gift Aid you must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax for each tax year that is at least equal to the tax that all charities and CASCs reclaim against your donations in the same tax year.

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