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About The Conflict Research Society

The Conflict Research Society (CRS) promotes academic and policy-relevant research on conflict processes, and conflict and cooperation. The CRS boasts an international membership supporting leading and world class research on conflict and peace. The society provides a forum of deliberation for our partners including leading global academic institutions and NGOs. In response to the difficult multidimensional challenges of conflict and cooperation, the CRS brings together a wide range of multidisciplinary research to foster key debates on important issues around the world.

The Goals Of The Conflict Research Society

  • To foster research and knowledge about peace and conflict and cooperation
  • To engage and bring together academics, practitioners, policy makers, civil leaders and journalists by hosting conferences, workshops and other events
  • To create networks and research projects to inspire innovative thinking and solutions to key issues in global affairs
  • To contributes to the ongoing development of advanced methodology in academic fields
  • To encourage the publication of articles and books through our various activities and the Cedric Smith Prize
  • To support postgraduate students with small grants through the Sydney Bailey Fund